Focus and Smart People Disability

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Reda Research paper Summer 2012 Cause and effect essay Smart People Disability What separates the best people from the rest? Some people seem to have all the best things in life because they have the ability to accomplish one thing at a time—they literally almost don’t have a second thing on their to-do list. On the contrary, others cannot even get the basic things in life because they fail to set priorities. Consider what must happen for a new human life to begin. Millions of sperm cells begin the long march to fertilize the egg, but usually only one actually succeeds and fertilizes the egg. Birth gives everyone a winning experience at the beginning of life. However, many people seem to lose how that first focused vectored when life’s many choices overwhelm them. Being focused and undistracted towards a specific single goal separates winners from the crowd. Success is personal, but the degree of a person’s focus distinguishes the uppermost achievers from the rest of the mass of humanity. Focus is attention extended for long periods of time. It makes the biggest difference in life. A person who finds one interest by chance and sticks to it so as to develop a specific skill, will more readily develop a full passionate avocation that can eventually lead to a life-long career. Formal education, high IQ or talent don’t automatically cause an early beginner to make it to the top. In most cases, world renowned experts can only do wellin limited areas. However, in their areas of expertise, they perform in a way nobody else can do. Most well-known successful individuals such as Olympic athletes, basketball players and celebrities are successful for two reasons: First, they focused all their time developing skills in an area where they are greatest. Second, they focused on an area where they had passion and love. Take the example of the many artists that have

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