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Questions on Meaning 1. Because she thinks that Robert would not like Chinese style dinner her family offered. 2. She wants to cook her daughter’s favorite foods. “You must be proud you are different. Your only shame is to have shame.” 3. She felt shame about it. 4. She wants to tell all readers that it is not a bad thing to be different. Questions on writing strategy 1. The author uses an attractive fact which most people are interested in. 2. She uses both the facts and her feelings. 3. The last sentence explains why the author’s mother prepared Chinese traditional food in Christmas Eve dinner years ago, it only because the author loved though she felt shame about the foods. 4. She combined the foods with her feelings to show her despair. The paragraph paves the way for the development of the story. Journal writing I transferred to a foreign language school when I was 12 years old. The students there are good at English because they already learned English for several years so they can answer teacher’s questions in English frequently. But for me, I never learned English before. One day, “how are you, Molly?” my teacher asked me, “I am twelve years old, Miss lee.” Then people all laughed and I did not recognize what happened. Later, I know that I made a mistake and all I wanted is to disappear in the world. I felt disappointed about myself and did not want talk with anyone to avoid making the same mistake. Essay “How are you, Molly?” My teacher asked me in English class, “I am twelve years old, Miss Lee.” Though I answered in a small voice, people in the class laughed loudly and my face turned red like a ripe apple, all I wanted is to disappear in the world. This is the occasion occurred when I transfer to a new primary school which most of students there are good at English so the school is called for Foreign

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