Fly Be Audit Report

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Cw1 Management Audit: Fly Be There are many different reasons for a company to change its strategy as many different factors go into it they include the level of customer demand, the companies financial and if they are profitable or negative, the influences from the external environment are important as the European economic state is deeply important for FlyBe or it might suffer if people want to travel with more environmental cleaner ways such trains. Therefore through this report I aim to look at the strategy of FlyBe and see if it will lead to a more profitable future in this highly challenging market especially as Europe is just emerging from a financial crash. Therefore I will use various research methods to analyse the Flybe situation and how it tends to reverse this negative. This essay will show that while the financial crash happened in 2008 Flybe has not recovered yet from it and is badly exposed to external factors which has made them change strategy especially internally to gain an advantage. However there are other factors bar the economic reasons why Flybe is struggling and needs to change to be able to become profitable in this industry Fly BE is Europe largest regional airline which is based in the UK it started in 1979 with the name of Jersey European Airways and in 2007 took over the Ba Connect Group to merge it and bring it under FlyBe name and group . Its largest base is Birmingham in addition to that it has 14 other bases in the UK it flies to 34 different airports in the UK it carried over 7 million passengers in 2013 (Fit to compete , Flybe Group, 2014). Its ownership structure is as a PLC which happened in 2010. FlyBe also has another section in its business which is that it has an aircraft maintenance division which is geared towards other regional carriers as it specialises in regional aircraft and in that department it has happens to
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