Flute's Significance in Miller's "Death of Salesman"

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The flute Arthur Miller's death of salesman, which is published and premiered in 1949, shows the development and structure that leads up the playwright to use the flute in the play. However, the flute plays a very essentiall role in the play such as; to create a dreamlike state for both willy and the audience, to symbolize Willy's failure, and to set the conflict between willy and his son Biff. It's not by random that Miller chooses to begin the stage direction with the flute and using it along the play. Rather, it is quite significantly that the playwright wants to associate the sound with every character. For example; A flute melody is associated with willy, Ben has his own music, the laughter cues the woman, and so forth. Thus, making it clear that when the sound is introduced with the appropriate character it automatically associates the same character. As a result, Miller is able to prompte expectations and reactions from the audience. The flute also proves willy's hallucination and dementia for his lack of success and the failure he does as a father and businessman; regrets the state of disarray into which his family has fallen and is nostalgic time working for frank Wognar especially when his former boss's son, howard wogner, fails to appreciate willy. Willy asks howard for raise but he fires him. Willy is worn out and howard knows this. even when Miller presents willy as a great and boisterous man, Happy and Biff are well-built, he just wants to inform the audience that personality or physical appearance never ever leads to achieve success. Rather, Hard working and steady dediction as shown by charly and bernard are the most criterion for success. Again the flute shows here how weary willy is! And Foreshadows, willy's unability to achieve American dream the last problem that occurs at the end of act 2 is that the conflict between Biff and his
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