Fluid Balance 3rd Assignment Essay

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Distribution and constituent of water Distribution and constituent of water P3 – describe the distribution and constituents of body fluids M2 – explain functions of the constituents of body fluids This report will describe and explain the distribution and constituents of water. I will also be explaining the functions of three components of fluid in the human body, which are the constituents, water and solutes. Intracellular fluid is found within a cell and make up 55% of the total body water. ‘Intracellular fluid contains water and dissolved solutes and proteins. The solutes are called electrolytes, which maintain healthy bodily functions. When an electrolyte dissolves it breaks up into ions. There are millions of electrolytes within a cell. Water moves inside and outside the cell, with osmotic pressure, which is the force that pulls fluid from one place to another. The level of osmotic pressure is equal in the intracellular fluid, and the extracellular fluid.’ (Study.com, 2015) ‘Osmotic pressure is vital within the human body because it allows water to enter a cell if there is lack of water, and vice versa, if there is too much water within one cell, the osmotic pressure will allows the electrolytes to exit a cell.’ (Study.com, 2015) ‘Intracellular fluid has important functions, it transports food within the cells, it also brings waste products from the cells so that they can be picked up and excreted from the body, and it maintains the shape and size of the cell.’ (Nursing411.org, 2015) ‘Extracellular fluid is located outside the body cells. The extracellular fluid consists of one-third of the water contained in the body. The extracellular fluid has many functions; it carries nutrients and oxygen to the body cells and waste materials from the cells. There are two types of extracellular fluid, including interstitial fluid and intravascular fluid.’

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