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Abstract This document explains what is expected in your Fluids 1 lab report. The sections that should be covered are outlined and a structure you could follow is proposed. Detailed advice on how to edit the report is given. The document concludes with the marking criteria for this lab report. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. Introduction 3 1.1. Writing 3 1.2. Editing and formatting 3 2. Apparatus 4 3. Experimental procedure 4 4. Results 5 5. Discussion 5 6. Conclusions 5 7. References 5 8. Appendix A: Marking criteria 6 1. Introduction Before starting to write a report, you should think about what is your audience. Am I writing for colleagues who want a lot of detail how it is done, or am I writing for my boss who just wants an executive summary as he has no time for details? In general, there is not a single type of audience and we have to make our writing suitable for the detailed read, as well as the fast perusal. To understand what is required from you in this report, please have a look at the marking criteria in the Appendix. 1.1. Writing To limit your time that you have to put into this, and to limit the time of the reader (i.e. the marker), I limit you here to 3000 words + Appendix. (More about the role of the Appendix below.) But you still need to have all the essential elements in that volume. Think about your boss, who has not much time, but you still need to impress her. You will typically find that 5 pages seems not enough. But it is! Go back to your text and query every phrase. Is it necessary to support my conclusions? Am I saying it in the most compact way, but is it still easily understandable and presents all the necessary content? 1.2. Editing and formatting A number of formatting standards are expected from your text: • Titlepage: artwork and fancy editing is not expected, but of course a report that exudes focus,

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