Flowers vs. Weeds

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Flowers and weeds, flowers and weeds. Spring is here and life is brewing in the dirt. Many of us, myself included, spend time and money making our lawns and gardens look nice. From chemicals both natural and deadly to hand plucking those pesky plants out of the way so that our beloved fruit and flower bearing friends will be plentiful. So, what is it that makes the flower so special? Take for instance, the annoying yet bountiful dandelion and the most favored flower for songwriters, the tulip. Both are flowers right? The tulip when fully developed has a tall thin rich green stalk and stout broad flower petals colorful enough to attract hummingbirds, bees and us humans. Artists paint beautiful pictures and photographers snap amazing stills and place them in frames to be hung on our walls. You don't see dandelions in art shops. Yet they have a strong will to survive as any gardener knows how hard it is to remove one from the ground. They can also make a hot summer day seem as if it were snowing by the seeds blowing in the wind. There is a plant which has been classified as a weed that grows next to my shed alongside the area where I plant pansy's. It comes up fast in the spring. Grows kind of stringy and not so pretty yet it soon blossoms these little purple flowers. During one particular week, the flowers act like balloons ready to burst. If you rub your finger on them, they pop and seeds fly out. Thats it, no more flowers. One week of pretty than the rest stringy and ugly. My pansies on the other hand, show off their flowers for nearly a whole summer. One plant comes up on its own every year, the other I have to bring in the new. Clovers are an unusual plant. Considered a weed among the ever popular poorly named plant called grass. Left alone and your lawn can turn out a clover field in no time. They do however, posses some unusual

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