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Flowers for Algernon is a brilliant piece of literature written by Daniel Keyes. The novel is an interesting experience written from the prospective of our protagonist Charlie, Charlie is a mentally handicapped man who given the opportunity to make himself “Normal”. It soon becomes a journey of Charlie’s self discovery in which he realizes that everyone in his world has been laughing at him his entire life & he begins to hate all of the people that use to help him, he also begins to remember things from his past, like when he was a child his mother would beat him because he refused to get “Smarter”. Charlie soon realizes that even though he wasn’t accepted in society when he was “Dumb” & still isn’t accepted when he’s “Smart”. Flowers for Algernon shows that people “Smart” or “Dumb” aren’t accepted in our society because they’re socially awkward, they don’t understand “normal” behavior, & they are also sexually awkward. The first reason why they are not accepted in society because they are both very socially awkward. In the novel when Charlie is “Dumb” he is obviously not a social person, for example when he’s in the bakery a lot of times when he’s sitting in the corner with a comic book. Charlie thought he was social though, like when people would laugh at him he would laugh at him, he would laugh along because he thought people were just laughing at a joke he was just in on, unbeknownst to he was really the joke. After the surgery Charlie becomes even more socially awkward in an ironic twist of fate, because he is missing all of the social experience of a child and he scared people with how smart he was, like when he first started becoming smart and while he was still at the bakery he would figure out new ways to make everyone’s jobs easier when in fact he was making them look bad by fixing all of these problems that weren’t even problems, this made a lot

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