Flowers for Algernon Essay

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Mikayla Wright 8th grade Flowers for Algernon Summer reading assignment Knowledge: How do the characters professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss differ? Professor Nemur does not see Charlie as a human being, but rather as a lab rat or a test subject. He is full of himself and a workaholic. It seems that he will do anything it takes to get what he wants and does not really care about anyone else. Dr. Strauss is the surgeon that performs the operation on Charlie. Dr. Strauss does not disconnect from Charlie and does show interest and concern for Charlie’s well being. Comprehension: What is the main idea of Flowers for Algernon? The story is told from the point of view of Charlie Gordon, a retarded adult who is use in an experiment to increase his intelligence.( Algernon is a mouse who undergoes an operation similar to Charlie). As his IQ increases, Charlie goes from a moron to a genius in a matter of weeks. He goes through conflict with himself and his emotions and happiness. There is a lot of emphasis on how events in your past can influence a person later in life. Application: How is Charlie’s memories related to his feelings /actions towards Alice? Charlie’s feelings towards Alice are strong but he doesn’t want to act on them. He feels like even though his mother is not there he will get in trouble if he interacts with a girl. Analysis: How does Charlie before the operation compare/contrast with Charlie after the operation? Charlie before the operation was gullible and believed that everybody was nice. He thought that the people at the bakery were his friends. But after the operation as Charlie progressed he realized that not everyone accepted him for who he was. Synthesis: What solutions would you suggest for Charlie’s problem with himself when he tries to get close to Alice? Charlie is beginning to realize his feeling for Alice and is having

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