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Tristan Brophy English 11 Flowers for Algernon Flowers for Algernon, is a book written by Daniel Keys. It is about a scientific experiment that goes wrong. It deals with issues such as love, friendship and medical and social ethics. Charlie Gordon is a thirty-two year old mentally retarded man, with an IQ of 68. His only wish is to be smart, like other people. He agrees to an experimental surgery that will hopefully increase his intelligence. Although the surgery was a success, it is not permanent. His success of intelligence is short lived and brings him to a worse state of being in the end. Sadly, improving intelligence by means of surgery is not a practical solution. Flowers for Algernon also addresses the issue of love and friendship, especially between ‘slow’ and ‘normal’ people. Charlie develops a special friendship with Ms Alice Kinnian, over the course of the story. Ms Kinnian is a mentor to Charlie. She supports and supervises Charlie throughout his development, and helps him recognize things about the world and himself that he never knew before. Ms Kinnian believes Charlie to be a person of quality. He respects Ms Kinian but has feeling and emotions for her. He begins to believe that he is in love with her. However, is Charlie does he really love her or does he just think that because she is the only person that tries to understand him as a human being. In the beginning of the novel, Charlie believes he has great friends that are nice to him and want to have a good time. Although, Joe and Frank, his “friends”, t continuously making fun of him, by making very bad jokes such as ” Getting him up Ellen” and ” What’d they do, Charlie, put some brains in?”. Charlie later understands that Joe and Frank were just using him as a butt of their jokes, which angers him. He just wanted to be like everyone else and to be accepted for who he was.

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