Flowers For Algernon Essay

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To compare with other famous literatures of English, Flowers for Algernon is a quite recently published novel. However, it can be called as a classic because of its greatness. Daniel Keyes, the writer of this book, perfectly describes the internal changes of Charlie Gordon who is the main character of the novel. Charlie was born as with rarely low IQ, but his mother does not accept that his son is a boy who needs a special treatment. She gave her son many traumas so that it remained in core part of Charlie’s unconsciousness and became the desire of having higher intelligence. He is unconsciously thinking in his mind that he will solve many problems that he could not solve when he had low intelligence. He got an opportunity to do a surgery that will raise his intelligence level. This surgery was a surgery whichHowever, he can not help himself by raise his intelligence. After he gets high intelligence he thinks he can solve many problems. Intelligence, science and hope are key themes that rise up from this novel. “Does intelligence can make us happy?” This question leads us to another question. “Can science make something different?” This question leads us up to the final question. “Can men’s knowledge bring the Intelligence is the most important theme of this novel. The novel is divided three parts by the transition of Charlie’s intelligence. The first part is before the surgery, the second part is after the surgery, and third part is regression of Charlie’s intelligence. Before surgery, Charlie works in a bakery. There, he has a job and friends. Even though he is retard, he lives almost like a person of normal intelligence. However, after the surgery people who were close to him start to be afraid of his intelligence. At the last, he loses all of his social relationships and isolated from society. Eventually intelligence does not help Charlie to have a happier

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