Flowers for Algernon Essay

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Flowers for Algernon Charlie Gordon was asked to be a subject of an experiment. The experiment is supposed to help retarded person to become intelligent. The fact of being retarded, Charlie accepted the offer. After the experiment, Charlie got smarter than before. As the time passed, he lost his memories, and forgot what he learned with Miss. Kinnian. Charlie shouldn’t have done the experiment. Because of the side effects, he lost his life. Before Charlie became a subject of an experiment, Charlie was a happy guy. He loved his adult’s night school with Miss. Kinnian, and his job. He had a lot of friends to have fun and to hang out with. Charlie said. “I’m glad I’m going back to work…I miss my friends and all my friends and all the fun we have there.” Charlie always laughed along with his friends. After Charlie took the offer of being a subject on an experiment, he started to lose the benefits he had. Yes, the experiment worked, but as the time passed, Charlie lost his memories. Algernon died because of the side effects from the experiment. After Algernon died, Charlie had an experiment of his own, called “Algernon-Gordon effect” After few weeks, Charlie found out that he will eventually die. Charlie said, “…I guess the same thing is or will soon be happing to me…” soon, Charlie forgot what he learned with Miss. Kinnian. Yes, it is true that Charlie lived his dream to be intelligent. The experiment that he was involved in didn’t make him happy, it made him lonely. No one liked Charlie after the experiment, his friends said they liked him better when he was not smart. The workers at his job made a petition to fire Charlie. All the workers, including his friends, agreed that Charlie should be fired. Charlie said to himself “They driven me out of the factory. Now I’m more alone than ever…” The experiment that Charlie was involved in , led him to depression.

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