Flowers for Algernon

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Sruthi Selvakumar Mr. Vroon English 9H May 6th, 2011 Book Test: Flowers for Algernon 3) Write a speech/essay under the title “The Algernon-Gordon Effect: A Study of Structure and Function of Increased Intelligence.” Your audience/readership is the American Psychiatry Association. The Algernon-Gordon Effect: A Study of Structure and Function of Increased Intelligence Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It is a pleasure to see all my fellow scientists in this spectacular convention of the American Psychiatry Association. Tonight, I would like to propose to you the new and improved Algernon-Gordon Effect. However, before I talk about my research and studies, I would like to inform you about another report which studied the progress of how cognitive ability can be surgically increased. This report was known as the Algernon-Gordon Effect. This Algernon-Gordon Effect report encapsulates the amelioration and the deterioration of Charlie Gordon and his mouse companion, Algernon. To those of you who are not knowledgeable of the experiment that occurred, Charlie Gordon, an exceptional young man, and Algernon had undergone a surgical operation to increase their cognitive ability. Professor Nemur and Dr.Strauss have contributed immensely to the scientific world by initiating the experiment to increase intelligence and mental ability. The Algernon-Gordon Effect enunciates that the process of enhancing intelligence via surgery will eventually revert and that the higher the mental capacity grew, the more accelerated and destructive the final mental decline would be. This report was written by Charlie Gordon himself during the time of his maximum intelligence. Now I’ll tell you something about myself. As you all know, I do have a PhD in psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics. I don’t mean to boast, but I must tell you about myself and my impressive accomplishments

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