Flowers for Algernon Essay

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In the short-story, “Flowers for Algernon”, Charlie Gordon, a factory janitor, undergoes a controversial experiment that genetically enhances his intelligence, which sparks the long-debated notion of human engineering. To begin, Charlie is an undereducated man that doesn’t understand the concept of punctuation, much less scientific theories and mathematical algorithms. Tedious development happens at first but begins to rapidly progress as his intellectual capacity begins to expand. He later becomes smarter than the surgeons who performed his operation, and Charlie goes on to do research of his own. This strong piece of literature has leaded me to agree with the idea of surgical human engineering. In defense of my content feelings of Charlie’s intellectual enhancement, I believe he has beneficially contributed to the factory and the science commune alike. Charlie designs a more exceptional approach to arrange the factory’s industrial machines, which helps attain a substantial amount of money for the company in labor costs. This shows the increasing intelligence and potential abilities Charlie is capable of after the operation (Keyes 57). Also, Charlie is approved for “a lab of his own” along with consent to begin his strenuous research about the culmination and deterioration of his and Algernon’s cerebral amplitude recorded within the text of Charlie’s report entitled the “Algernon-Gordon Effect”. Charlie later asks for this report published, which foreshadows its unequivocal acceptance in national and international cognitive associations alike (Keyes 66). I postulate that the rise and fall of Charlie Gordon’s degree of intelligence has helped the scientific community better understand the essence of human engineering. Firstly, the highly unexpected successes of the operations performed upon Charlie and the white mouse, Algernon, were presented to the American

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