Flower Fed Buffaloes How Does Vachel Lindsay Make Essay

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Flower Fed Buffaloes How does Vachel Lindsay make this a moving poem? The Flower-Fed Buffaloes, written by Vachel Lindsay, is a slow and rhythmic poem, which uses many aural effects, emotive language and techniques to create a powerful lament on the destruction of the world,. The subject matter of this poem is focusing on Buffaloes and how they are disappearing from the lovely spring fields. The poem tells us that long ago there were buffaloes that used to roam the fields but as time went on the buffaloes moved from the fields probably because of industrialization, the colonization of humans and the replacement of land into farmland for wheat. There seems to lay the themes that are animating the harshness of this poem and Vachel Lindsay often portrays the destruction with scenes from the American ‘Wild West. That is why we are going to analyze how Vachel Lindsay makes this a moving poem. To start, we are going to analyze the images and vocabulary that she uses to convey this feeling of movement all along this poem. The first image that appears in the poem is “ranged where the locomotive sing”, this may represent a change in the landscape, the locomotives coming, bringing in here wagon humans and industrialization, representing the movement from an old to a new era. The personification used here serves to project the image of locomotives singing in triumph, after driving the prairie flowers into hiding. The locomotive is a symbol of the greed of man as they cut into the natural environment with no care for the damage they could be making. The reference to locomotives also brings to our attention the theme of time passing. It takes us back to images of the wild west and Lindsay tries to tell us that this destruction has being happening since a long time ago and is now starting to culminate. This brings the key theme of time passing, movement and a

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