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Is Developmental Psychology A Science? The task of developmental psychology is to explain the nature of behavior throughout the life span. Development isn’t just about physical things it has to do with mental development also. As you go through the stages of life your mind develops and also helps you adapt to your lifestyle. Researches have done studies on people to see how you are developed at certain actions. Each day that goes by you develop more and more. Besides just growing up and maturing there are other things that contribute to development such as electronics. When I was younger things were very different than they are now. Young kids didn’t have cell phones or laptops. Having internet and cell phones have changed the world drastically. Researchers have done studies showing that the kids having internet and as much technology as we do now-a-days have kind of made development slower. If you are using the internet to look up all the answers you aren’t really learning anything and your mind isn’t developing the way it should. Technology to me has personally slowed down peoples development because they don’t have to think for themselves because the internet does it for them. If it wasn’t for science we wouldn’t have half of the technology we do now so yes I believe developmental psychology is based on science. Without scientist and the studies they have done we wouldn’t understand the reason people do the things they do. At every age in your life you develop a way to do certain things partially because you were taught that way, but also because that’s how your mind has developed. Scientist use the scientific method to come to conclusions about developmental psychology. They come up with a question, form a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, gather all the data, and form a conclusion. Scientists do studies on people of all ages to see how developed you

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