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Flooding is one of the most challenging environmental issues faced by both developed and developing societies. Port of Spain Trinidad, the jewel of the Caribbean with its tall majestic buildings on the water front, Frederick Street & Charlotte Street, a shopper’s paradise and the Brian Lara promenade, a serene resting place for any visitor to the city. These are areas well know to all “Trinis”. However there is another well known characteristic of Port of Spain that everybody knows, which is “If rain clouds set up and there is at least a faint drizzle. “Town Flood”. Many “experts” from present and past Governments have offered solutions for this problem with little success. However, the key in eradicating this persistent problem is, understanding the mechanics and special characteristic of city / Urbanized Flooding and implementation of appropriate measures to curb it. In this essay we propose to prove that one of the main causes of flooding in Port of Spain the indiscriminate dumping of garbage in water ways, which clogs them and reduces their capacity to effectively channel excess water efficiently. Garbage accumulation in towns and cities has been a problem in every part of the world for many years. When people talk about garbage many people just think of litter that is thrown carelessly on the streets, but “garbage” is a multi faceted monster, that if left unchecked and mismanaged could see a majestic city transformed into a cesspool as has happened in China. In an article published on greenanswers.com, is said that “China is estimated to produce an annual amount of over 220 million tons of municipal waste. According to waste management expert NieYongfeng, paper, plastic, and other garbage has reached around 300 million tons a year. Urbanization, population growth, and increasing affluence have all contributed to China's waste production. Cities in China

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