Flood Impacts and Natural Disasters Essay

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Flood Impacts and Natural Disasters In "Flood risk management in the United States and the impact of Hurricane Katrina" by Gerald E. Galloway, the author contends that floods have been a major part of American history since early on and that in order for the continual of floods leading to natural hazards and disasters to be prevented, several things must occur in order to assure these disasters do not repeat themselves. Although flooding in the US have always been a high concern, it is as though flooding has increased tremendously in many places over the past decade. As we all know natural disasters happen not just in America, but in all areas of the world. In order for a natural disaster to happen it must be an act of something natural that causes a direct or indirect destruction to property, the environment or loss of life. An example of natural disaster is that of flooding. Often times we see flooding during certain parts of seasonal conditions as with snow or rain. "In the geographic interior, flooding occurs when a river or lake overflows its banks, often the result of too much rain or snowmelt" "Natural Disasters." Student Resource Center. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Discovering Collection. Gale. Park University. 4 Apr. 2014. The idea behind planning and preparing for floods that cause natural disasters takes a great amount of time and effort in understanding that not all events are going to be able to be avoided. Areas such as global warming have increased and become one of today's controversial topics claiming to be a lead contributing factor to the rise in flooding in recent years. Once glaciers start to melt and ocean water rise, flooding can easily occur. With ocean waters rising up to eight inches within the twentieth century, this has made many countries and several coastlines prone to the possibility of flooding. "It is predicted that global warming
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