Flood 2013 Essay

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Flood of 2013 In 1976 the Big Thompson Flood caught the Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park, and Governor of Colorado by surprise. There were over 300 people that died in that flood and around 110 businesses lost along with many homes in the devastation of the down pour of rain and the belief the upper dam would hold .”It did not”. The reoccurrence of events happened in future years but not with the devastation of 1976. Their plan to stop this from happening again did not seem to hold .Because on September 11, 2013 the rains started again and so did the flooding. And this time it flooded much of Colorado and took out much of the Front Range. But I want to focus on the Big Thompson and the lack of proper planning on the road that is called highway 34 which is between Loveland and Estes Park. * In 1976 after the flood they rebuilt the road and the dam Governor Lamm at the time said that “This could never happen again “And it has a few different times. * When they rebuilt the roads the dirt was not that of the mountain and not as stable each time a flood occurred they said they built it better. That the roads were stronger than before this shows the power of water and what it can do to something man made, as well as what was the naturally made. * They also promised better flood evacuations plans. They waited till Friday to declare the state natural disaster and ask for help from FEMA and the Red Cross and the National Guard. Why did they wait so long ?This did not happen because today we still have over 1000 people waiting to be rescued from the mountain. Yes Mother Nature is not being very nice but there should be some way to get to these people and get them warm and safe and feed. This is now day 5. Six people are dead and some are still missing. If you look at 1976 and 2013 the damage is different but much the same even though 1976 was much worse than
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