How to Flirt

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The art of flirting, in all of its continuation of complexity has always had a tremendously powerful impact on every single aspect of human soul which incessantly craves for attention and, ultimately, a never ending recognition from the opposite sex. We, as human beings, are constantly involved in a perpetual concept of soul-searching and ego boosting and what better way to reassure ourselves than to display tiny little pieces of our charisma through flirt. First and foremost, the most important aspect of flirting process is to establish a meaningful eye to eye contact with the desired subject of our flirting process. Moreover, after first contact is established, one must engage all of his/hers charm and aura while attempting to captivate the person of the opposite sex and to fascinate his/her with your unique set of qualities which have been the integral part of your character throughout your entire life. Failure, in this scenario, can never be an option and potential minor setbacks which might occur at the very beginning can easily be overcome through focus, patience, precision and determination to succeed in attempting to present yourself as likeable as possible. Additionally, one must quickly adapt to any potential difficulties which might be heading towards your way, considering the fact that the focus of your flirt may or may not be willing to engage himself/herself into an emotional relationship. This has to do with the well known dichotomy of flirting. Sometimes it opens the door for a more serious commitment, and sometimes it is what is originally intended to be: two people experiencing a moment of mutual attention and willingness to make somebody else's life more interesting even for a brief period of time. In conclusion, we may say that flirting is a well-recognized phenomenon that has been a part of our daily routines since the very beginning of our
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