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orporation have several organizational culture in the case study. One of the culture is attention to detail. The company trained their employees to focus on the precise detail of the car that is produce so that their quality is maintained and preserve. This culture is very important to a car maker because a better quality car will have better function in a lot of aspects especially in the safety features. Consumers’ safety must be the priority of the car maker because driving a car can be dangerous at times. But with the proper safety features, some of the safety issues can be prevent. Another culture that is shared in the Toyota company is outcome oriented. At the year about 1995 to 2009, Toyota want to achieve more market shares and expand their company. In the process of doing this, the company went through some major cost cutting such as depending on the local supplies which can be cheaper and expansion initiative. Though in the end they achieve their goal, the whole process led to the quality lapses and several safety issues was face by the company. This culture can be important to a car maker as it can produce their car consistently. This can be profitable for the car maker. 2) The public saw Toyota’s long-standing culture that had a strong commitment to quality had loss its ability to influence employee behaviors and action. But as for my opinion, I don’t think that the company has loss its ability to influence their employee. In the case study, expansion and cutting major cost is mention. It has shown that Toyota new direction was to move forward in expanding their company while saving major cost. It is not possible that the employee will ignore the quality they produce if they still follow the attention to detail culture. The company practice strong culture. This can cause the employee to accept the change in culture by the top management. Thus, the

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