Flight Of The Phoenix: Analysis

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Analysis: Flight of the Phoenix The film Flight of the Phoenix begins in the Gobi Desert, where a failed oil rig is being closed. Pilot Frank Towns is sent to shut it down and fly the workers back home. However, they run into a sandstorm as they fly over the desert. Towns tries to fly through the sandstorm, but the storm causes the plane to blow two hundred miles off course and crash. The crew and people aboard the plane are all stranded together in the desert. After realizing that they probably aren't worth enough for their company to come rescue them, they must come together as a group to stay alive. Elliot (a self-proclaimed aircraft designer) claims that the crew can build a new plane from the remains of the crash. Frank Towns dismisses this idea, but eventually agrees to do it. The whole group commits to trying to rebuild the plane. They face many obstacles along the way – explosions, nomads, and altercations within the group. However, they eventually succeed in building a new plane, and are able to take flight. Some very interesting characters can be found within this group. Frank Towns is an experienced pilot that is sent to shut down failed oil rigs (he has even been given the nickname “Shut it Down” Towns). He is very indifferent to the people who work on the rig that he shuts down at the beginning of this movie, and just wants to get his job done. A.J. is his copilot, and seems fond of Towns. Elliot is a drifter who happened to stumble across the now-closed oil rig. He asked if he could stay, and is now part of the group because of it. During the storm, he told Towns that the aircraft was too heavy to make it through, but Towns didn't listen. Kelly Johnson is the only female crew member in the group. She was angry at Towns when he arrived to shut down their site, and continued to stay angry due to his lack of

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