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Engineering report Model Aircraft By Rowan Bellert Abstract: This is a report about my model aircraft and how it came to be, my aims for the project and also the history on flight and more information about flying. Introduction: This report will discuss on everything about flight from when it first started up until now, every famous inventor, philosopher and aviator that changed the history on flying as we know it today. This report is going to explain how flying was first thought of and first tested and the improvements made to theories that shaped flying to what we know as flying today. this report will show you the history but also the model aircraft I have accomplished in making throughout the term in term 3, it will show u the faults I have made but then also how to overcome these problems in which making my model aircraft a better tool. Also in this engineering report it will show you photos of the aircraft drawings of my aircraft and an all-round fun experience for me to show to you. My aims for this report is to show you some knowledge of flying but also to show myself through making a working model plane that it was a struggle to get the right sizes and weights but also an accomplishment to see the finished product. Body of the report: History of flight and man In ancient times people made legends of things that could fly whether it is a horse or a man they believed in these legends and myths. Some famous legends and myths include the majestic horse Pegasus, Alexander the great with griffins, and king kaj kaoos from Persia with eagles to fly him around. In China 400 BC, the Chinese invented the kite which was used in religious ceremonies that started man to think about flying. Kites have been used for various means such as wether testing and had been used in many experiments

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