Fletcher Electronics Strategy Worksheet

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PURPOSE: The purpose of my message is to inform and persuade, I will need to inform the stakeholders of what’s taking place and persuade them to join me in the process of change. As a result of this communication, my audience will understand and by in to the need for a centralized procurement process. My audience will understand their role and the next steps they need to take in order to make this successful. I will work to build credibility with the team by being a strong listener and seeking feedback along the process. My initial communication will be tell/sell however; I will follow up with a consult/join style presentation. AUDIENCE: My primary audience includes the plant managers, my executive assistant and plant materials managers; I will definitely have to manage them closely. In addition, I will need to keep the following audience satisfied; the Board of Directors, C.E.O. and shareholders. Finally, I must consider all other employees, the local communities and customers, and the suppliers. My job will be to monitor the effect this change will have on them and identify if and when communication needs to occur to them. The primary audience will initially be taken back by this change because it goes against the previous strategy of the company. I need to make sure they understand the purpose and have a voice in the change process. CONTENT: I must overcome the denotation that change is a bad thing by demonstrating how the cost savings have a positive impact on overall margins. My 3 main points will be: 1. Discuss the reason for the change – (Process Efficiency & Cost Savings) 2. Discuss how this change will help their business (Cost Savings) 3. Discuss how to ensure successful implementation of the change (Process Mgmt) CULTURE/ STRUCTURE: I must first understand the previous culture of a more decentralized
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