Flawed Pursuit Of The American Dream: Gatsby Essay

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ENG3U1 May 15th 2011 FLAWED PURSUIT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM: GATSBY & WILLY LOMAN Incidences of life can cause outwardly perfect individuals to fall to pieces and realities to merge with dreams. Sometimes an individual's outlook on life differs than those around him. The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald expounds on the distorted view of the American dream. The American dream is situated on the belief that by exercise of will power and energy you can achieve anything, especially wealth which brings happiness which is central to the plot of both texts. In both The Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman the central characters Gatsby and Willy Loman respectively chose to walk a path of wealth and popularity at the same time searching for the one something that made them happy in the past. In Gatsby’s case it was Daisy for Willy’s it was the success he used to have as a salesman, a clear definition of the Distorted American Dream. Both characters were caught up in the illusion of the American dream, fervently believing that they could and should achieve there version of the American dream. Nevertheless after a lifetime of having relied on personality to get by, the men found themselves terribly alone, even in death. In the end realizing their greatest flaw was seeking refuge in the American dream which was the cause of their downfall. One of Gatsby’s and Willy Lomans greatest flaws that lead to their downfall is the way these characters portray their image and wealth toward others. Gatsby’s disposition to have extravagant parties regardless of the fact that he knows no one, just to be known as rich, is a clear exemplar of trying to obtain a popular reputation for himself “Do you know him?” “He’s just a man named Gatsby.” (Fitzgerald37) This enumerates the fact that even in the eyes to his quests Gatsby wasn’t of any

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