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"Flatland" by Edwin Abbott Part 2 Comprehension & Analysis Ch 13-16 Lineland is very different from Flatland. Each person is represented by a point. These points could only be distinguished from each other by the sound of their voice. The universe is a narrow path where no one can pass one another. Men have two different voices and two different wives. This makes for two women for everyone man and Lineland. All of society is based on voice recognition, that is all they rely on to live throughout their life seeing only points. Even though they can only see points, they do have length. This length is determined by the distance or time between a man's two different voices. A. Square gets very frustrated with the king when he tries to explain how there is more to space than the line he lives in. A. Square does many things to prove an attempt to make the king understand the difference between worlds. He uses words, but still the king denies the truth of his existence. Then A. Square even demonstrates, stepping out of the line that makes Lineland and into space. The king is appalled and accuses A. Square of playing tricks; he still denies the fact that the truth of space exists. A. Square becomes frustrated with the king's inability to believe the truth. The author organizes chapter 13 and 14 very similarly to chapter 16. In 13-14 A. Square and the king of Lineland argue. A. Square is trying to convince the king that there is space and does everything he can to prove it. The king refuses to believe anything A. Square has to say and continues to call him a monster. Then, in chapter 16 a very similar argument happens between Sphere and A. Square. But this time Sphere is trying to explain an idea A. Square refuses to believe. The reason the author does this is to make it easier for the reader to understand how A. Square feels. We know as readers that what A. Square was

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