Flappers In The Roaring Twenties Analysis

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College Comp. With a flask at your hip you can do anything Walking down the dark empty street Anna sniffs in the crisp autumn air, feeling on top of the world. Anna just turned nineteen and for her birthday she got a new dress with her birthday money; a dress that her mother certainly does not approve of. It falls right below her knees, its red with a drop waist, and it flows as she walks. She saunters down the street, with her new bob bouncing with each step. She rounds the corner leading her into a long dark alley. All that’s in the alley is a trashcan and an unmarked door that looks like if you opened it, it may fall off. She walks up to the door knocks 3 times “knock knock knock” a pair of eyes peer from behind the door, look her up and down and the door opens. The music is pumping from the live jazz band on the stage; the smoky air stings her lounges. The smell of alcohol runs through her nostrils, she immediately feels at home. The woman and men are all up dancing and mingling. She pulls out her flask that was hidden at her hip, and now she’s ready to take on the night. The article "Flappers in the Roaring Twenties." on the website 20th Century History explains that before World War…show more content…
The article “Flappers” explains how shocked the Gibson girls were when the flappers decided to cut off their long hair. The Flapper’s short hair was styled in a “bob”, which was later replaced with an even shorter hair style “the shingle” or “Elton” cut. Flappers even started to wear makeup such has eye liner, blush, powder and lip stick. In earlier generations woman that wore makeup were considered loose (Flappers). The flappers enjoyed shaking up the Gibson girls. They loved all the looks and considered it attention. Since the woman before the flappers never wore makeup, it was considered quite a scandal to be wearing makeup. Woman that wore makeup were usually prostitutes in that day in

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