Flannery O 'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find'

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Research Paper Assignment (EN-102) Instead of you having to write a full research paper, I would only like to make sure that you learned the basics of MLA documentation when you took COMPOSITION I. I want you to research THREE articles on "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." There are, by the way, lots and lots of good essays published on this famous story. I will give you three weeks from today to complete this major assignment. I will be setting up a DISCUSSION BOARD where you as a class can help each other. I won't participate--just follow along and read posts. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BELOW!! 1. FIND three articles that ANALYZE the meaning of Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." You may use the internet. This will not be so hard to do, trust me--just "google": FLANNERY O'CONNOR GOOD MAN ESSAYS. Just make sure the articles were ORIGINALLY published in real books or in real scholarly journals. The web sites you find will have all the publishing information you will need to complete your assignment. No blogs or unauthorized opinions!!!…show more content…
PARAPHRASING: Choose one of your articles. Copy ANY paragraph from the article. Then, I want you to CORRECTLY PARAPHRASE that paragraph below what you have copied. Introduce your paraphrase with an appropriate SIGNAL PHRASE, such as, [the Author's last name] writes that.... (Look up "signal phrase" if you don't know what this is.) Include at the END OF YOUR PARAPHRASE a properly formatted MLA PARENTHETICAL CITATION. (Again, look up 'MLA parenthetical citation' if your not sure what this means and is required by

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