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Carina Rivera Mrs. Morey AP Lang 30 January 2015 The Demand for Pink Birds Prices view on America’s culture is how simple-minded, ignorant, and easily influenced America’s culture can be. In Price’s essay “ The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History” Price’s narrating attitude is a mix between caustic and didactic. Each paragraph is filled with information, educating the reader on how America was influenced by flamingos in the 1950s. At the same time, readers can feel a sense of sarcasm throughout the essay. The essay is written with information to support Price’s claims on her view of how America’s culture can be simple-minded, ignorant, and easily influenced. Price’s whole essay could be the new definition of caustic. One of the sentences in the first paragraph Price writes, “ First, it was a flamingo.” The italicizing of the word flamingo gives readers a sense of sarcasm and that Price feels that the fact that a bird-influenced America’s culture vastly baffled her. In the third paragraph Price writes, “The hues were forward-looking rather than old-fashioned, just right for a generation, raised in the Depression,” Price’s sassy and sarcastic remark states how America felt that bright colors would give a sense of hope and happiness through a difficult time. Another sarcastic point Price writes is in the first sentence of the last paragraph she says, “Why, after all, call the birds “pink flamingos”—as if they could be blue or green?” The simple-mindedness of America’s culture is shown by the sarcastic remarks Price writes because of America’s action to be influence by flamingos In the essay, Price also compares and contrast America’s culture to other countries. Price mocks how flamingos influenced America’s culture. The flamingos influenced America architecturally, economically, and in appliances juxtaposed to countries like Mexico and the Caribbean

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