Flags of Our Fathers

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Flags of Our Fathers "Flags of Our Fathers," by James Bradley, tells the true story of the men who were the flag raisers in the iconic image taken during the battle of Iwo Jima during the Pacific phase of World War II. The account begins with an explanation by James Bradley, author and son of one of the flag raisers, of what compelled him to pursue the story of these men. Bradley and his seven siblings knew that their father's experiences in World War II, the flag raising and its aftermath, were subjects that his father did not want to discuss. After his father's death, James decided to find out what caused his father's reaction, how the six flag raisers came together on Iwo Jima and the aftermath of the war and the event on these men. The six flag raisers were all young men, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-four. As World War II raged, the young men and their families knew they may soon be part of it. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, their fates were sealed. Many of the men joined the Marines to avoid being drafted by the Army. Jack Bradley was urged by his father to join the Navy so he could avoid combat. Little did they know that by joining the Navy, Jack would be heading for the bloodiest battle in U.S. history. Jack, who had been working as a medic in a military hospital in Oakland, was transferred to San Diego where he was attached to a Marine unit. The unit, E Company, or Easy Company, began a rigorous training program that began in San Diego and was finally completed a year later on a small island in the Pacific called Tarawa. The six flag raisers were part of a huge armada of more than 800 ships heading for a historic confrontation that would take place on Island X, which was later revealed to be Iwo Jima. Conquering that island was thought to be strategic in driving back Japanese forces. The battle on Iwo Jima lasted 36 days, with the

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