Flagburning (Pro)

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There should not be an amendment against flag burning in the United States. Burning the flag is encouraged by Congress to retire the colors, so an alternative means of respectful disposal would need to be found. (http://www.youdebate.com/debates/flag_burning.htm). The action of burning the flag of the United States is seen as an act of the highest disrespect and offence; however, free speech is protected by the First Amendment, and that includes the right to burn a flag in protest. If the government were to ban this because of its highly offensive and challenging nature, the people might slowly see their freedom of speech disappear as more and more ‘offensive’ actions were banned. The framers were not ignorant to the possibility of flag burning; they formatted the Constitution to protect the freedoms of the people- including the freedom to protest the government which is supposed to strive to protect those freedoms. Though the people may be offended by these actions, we must attempt to defend the ideals the flag represents instead of their physical form; for these ideals cannot be destroyed by fire, but they can be damaged by the restrictions of the freedoms the flag represents. The Amendment proposed to ban flag desecration would affect many Americans. Strict laws would prevent all flag burning- even the respectful disposal of flags by organizations like the Boy Scouts. If that were to happen, we would very surely expect to see fewer flags flying for fear of mistreating them and getting into trouble (http://crwflags.com/fotw/flags/xf-burn.html). Without the familiarity of seeing Old Glory waving in the breeze at a neighbor’s home or in front of local store, I think we stand a possibility of the flag weakening as a symbol of national unity. No matter where you go in America, whether to a big city on the coast or a small town in the Midwest, it is almost inevitable

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