Fixing Education in America Essay

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Caitlin Boland Professor Vos Writing 111 Draft #2 17 November 2012 Fixing the Schooling System It can be agreed upon by most that the American educational system needs to change. Unfortunately, children are hurt by a system that fails to prepare them for their adult lives. As it currently is, schools fail to accommodate all types of students, leaving those that are foreign or challenged literarily crippled. In order to fix this, the rules and curriculums teachers are forced to abide by must be reevaluated. E.D Hirsch, author of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know and Donald Macedo, writer of Literacies of Power, take in-depth looks at the issue and suggest their own methods in which they believe it should be resolved. The best answer, however, would be a combination of the two. Macedo and Hirsch are on extreme opposite sides of the spectrum with one being strictly conservative and the other strictly liberal. They are blinded by either their stubbornness or radicalism and both fail to see the flaws in their recommended solutions. In order to improve the current school system, curriculums and policies must be placed that incorporate not only Macedo’s claim of more independent and critical thinking but Hirsch’s desire for cultural literacy based lessons as well. Hirsh believes literacy issues in America can be attributed to “educational formalism and faulty theories accepted by educational policy makers” (Hirsch, 110). The policies currently in place, if seen from an outsider, make sense and are practical. However, they would only work in a perfect world. They ignore the fact that all children do not start school coming from the same background and knowing the same cultural information (Hirsch, 111). Therefore, some are forced to start learning the skills of reading and writing without having any idea of why. Due to the various home lives

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