Fixing a Radio Fiddle Essay

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A hailstorm was raging outside and we were all holed up in our house. Trying to figure out when it would be safe to go outside, we all huddled around the only radio in our house. My parents, my sister, and my aunts and uncles all fiddled with the small, simple device that was simply unwilling to cooperate. An hour had passed and the hailstorm was dying out, but the radio was still not fixed. Everyone had simply wanted the weather report, and was happy to see that the bad weather had ended. However, I wasn’t satisfied. After saying goodbye to aunts and uncles, I quietly snuck the radio, along with my father’s screwdriver, into my room. When I unscrewed and opened the plastic back, I had almost no idea of what was in front of me. I fiddled with the “black cylinder thingy” and the “yellow-banded tube.” I looked at some cords and tried to figure out which connection looked least like the others. Almost like a flashing signal, a disconnected winding red-and white cord was especially conspicuous. I tried to find a spot for it to go and pressed it down. I plugged in the power cord and amazingly, I heard more than just static out of the speakers. Excited that I had fixed it, I ran out to my parents who were lounging in the living room. Looking up from their books, they heard the weather report coming out of the radio, gave a slight nod of approval, and went back to reading. Though I was happy that I fixed the original problem, I still was not content. Blindly connecting a cord wasn’t enough; I had no idea what I had done! A whole week had passed. I had checked the nearby library, asked friends, and had looked at nearly all of the local bookstores. Finally, I had found a book on radio parts. I bought it with most of what was my allowance money and quickly ran home and shut myself in my room. Fascinated, I flipped through the pages, reading and re-reading every word.

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