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Things of Substance Jennifer Wilson McQuary January 30, 2011 As I move into Week five of this class, I have learned many things of substance. Various parts of the text and lectures in this class have helped me in a current situation my husband is going through will the death of his father. My husband and his brother are in a civil lawsuit with their step-mother over their father’s will. I am going to discuss in this paper the following five things that have been of substance in my learning process: Motion to Strike, Motion for Summary Judgment, Motion to dismiss, Right to a Trial by Jury and Motion for Judgment notwithstanding the Verdict. Motion to Strike is when a motion is filed asking the judge to strike all or a portion…show more content…
This does not attest to the validity of the case just that the court will not be able to come to a remedy for the case. This motion has quite a bit to do with legal duty. Right to a Trial by Jury, this is everyone’s constitutional right. Any one accused of a crime or being sued has a right to a trial by jury. A jury being a group of our peers, put together to hear the evidence in the case and come to a legal solution or judgment. Schubert, F. A. (2008). Introduction to law & the legal system (9th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin-Cengage. Judgment notwithstanding the Verdict is also called judgment non obstante veredicto. This is usually called at the end of a jury trial. We use this in our court systems in which at the conclusion of a civil trial the judge may be asked to overrule the decision given by the jury. Most of the time this is not granted but the judge. In conclusion, I have learned quite a bit in this class. I have quite a bit of legal experience in my past having worked for several attorneys. With that said, you can never have all the knowledge you

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