Five Stages of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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Five stages of Maslow's hierarchy of needs There are several needs that individuals in society need to aid in developing healthy relationships and be able to be productive individuals within society. Maslow developed a hierarchy of these needs and how they may relate to individuals. The following paper will define these needs as well as how these needs apply to my personal life. Self-Actualization Self-actualization is the first need that is listed on Maslow’s hierarchy. Self-actualization can be defined as people who exhibit traits such as “truth, justice, wisdom, and meaning” (Wood, 2010, p13). Individuals who may fall into this type of need tend to experience more positive moments in life, however Maslow stated that there are less individuals that fall into this category then in other needs in Maslow’s hierarchy (Wood, 2010). Esteem Needs The second need that Maslow discusses in his hierarchy is known as esteem needs. Within this need there are two types of motivators known as external motivators and internal motivators. Internal motivators within this need can include accomplishments and self-respect (Wood, 2010), internal motivators are motivators that are found within our own person in order to aid in achieving goals for ourselves. The second types of motivator within this need in known as external motivators, these types of motivators are motivation that come from individuals and situations that are outside sources such as family, co-workers, and friends. The external motivators within this need include “recognition, Attention, and social status” (Wood, 2010, p 12). The external motivators help individuals to feel good about themselves but obtaining recognition for a job well done, or even getting a better job to be included in a social status that is higher. Belonging Needs The third need that is

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