Five Reasons Law Enforcement Officers Aredifferent

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Five Reason Law Enforcement Officers are Different The life of any law enforcement officer can be very challenging and hard on their mental and physical health in life. In this essay, you will be informed about the different stressors that may affect any justice system professional. Such as the effects of shift work, the different stress they have to deal with, the ability to maintain emotional control no matter what may be happening, the negative world of an officer and lastly the horrible effect it may have on their family, partner and social life. Firstly, when it comes to shift work, it can be extremely hard on a correctional officer’s life. Human beings have always been adjusted to the circadian schedule, which is a repetitive daily cycle. We enjoy having a sleep time, eating time and waking time that is on a regular schedule. When a person is working shift work it can have great effects on their physical and mental health. This is due to the irregular circadian scheduling that an officer lives by. Shift work will also affect your relationship with the people in their lives, especially their partner and children. Routines are highly important in keeping a marriage healthy and strong. Routines like having dinner together, going to bed and waking up with each other by their side. All those little inside joke that you may have with your partner are also very important. They may be small things, but it’s the small things that count the most to make any relationship work. When working in this industry your relationship will suffer greatly because the small things won’t happen on a regular basis. Also when an officers biological clock is not in the norm, it will affect the persons attention, reaction time, risk taking and efficiency, causing more frequent errors in the work place to occur. “Additionally, correctional staff job stress has been linked to premature

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