Five Reason to Get a College Degree

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Some people think in today’s work environment a college degree is of very little importance to become successful. A college degree will be your professional foundation. Given that ups and downs in the world are obvious, there will be a time when you will need this foundation to get through the bad times. A college degree has good reasons for you to be successful. In the forth coming paragraphs we will be discussing the following reasons; learning, skills, experience, jobs and income. What you have learned through high school is the basic information you will need throughout your lifetime. Going to college can be a different learning experience in itself. You get to choose what classes and field you want to learn about. The professors are not average teacher that have been trained in multiply subjects. They are experts in your chosen field. [ (Fraser) ] A college degree can help a person obtain a certain set of skills, not only from taken classes but also skills that can be used in your personal life. You will be working along a side people from different cultural, states and countries. That is interest in your field of study. There are several skills that a person can learn while attending college, for example to get a degree in computer. One skill is if a person wants to be a computer programmer, he / she will be trained in a computer language called Microsoft Studio 2010 [ (Microsoft Corporation) ]. While being trained in programming they will learn how to write code to create a program that exhibits a certain desired behavior. Another skill that they can learn is database management, he / she will be trained in database software called Microsoft Access 2010 [ (Microsoft Corporation) ]. When they have graduated they will be adept to using the computer programming language and using a database. [ (Tuliana, 2009) ] College is a lifetime experience. You

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