Five Points Of President Noynoy's Inaugural Speech Essay

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The five points of President Noynoy’s inaugural speech were as follows: 1. Reviving President Cory’s “Emergency Employment” Emergency Employment is about adding more jobs by adding infrastructures for transportation, tourism and trade. President Noynoy acknowledged that he will revive this project to provide jobs in the local community and to help in sustaining economic growth. With this, we believe that it is good for us, Filipinos for the reason that unemployment of the people will increase, which will help us move our economy up. In terms of its feasibility, it may be classified as realistic because the Philippines has such a large labor force and most Filipinos are unemployed, so jobs are in demand. 2. Development and Progress in Education Another important key point in Noynoy’s Inaugural speech is about education. He stated that he will improve the facilities of the schools and will use the collected taxes of the people to provide funds for vocational education so that students who did not have a chance to go to college will now have the opportunity to find jobs that are suitable for their educational attainment. Obviouosly, the Filipino people will benefit from this, especially the unemployed ones. And because of its benefits we agree with him. We also believe that it is feasible, yet it may take a long time to occur. 3. Faster Distribution of Products from Farmers to Consumers “Kung dati ay may fertilizer scam, ngayon ay may kalinga na tunay para sa mga magsasaka”, as President Noynoy stated. He confirmed that he will help farmers in irrigation, extension services and in increasing our farmers’ profits; by building trading centers. These trading centers will facilitate farmers to directly reach the consumers with their products. “Lalaktawan natin ang gitna, kasama ang kotong cop”, and in this way, money that is spent in what we call the “middle

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