Five Pillars Of Islam

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The Five Pillars of Islam The central belief in Islam is that there is only one God, Allah, who is omnipotent. The overall purpose of humanity is to serve Allah and construct a moral lifestyle. In Islam, the Koran (or Qur’an)teaches that making the world a better place is the responsibility of every human, and that they must conduct themselves in a way in which peace, purity and selflessness is abundant. In order to abide by this lifestyle there are five pillars of Islam that must be followed. 1. Belief and Witness 2. Daily Prayers 3. Zakat 4. Fasting 5. Hajj Following the five pillars ensures that a person will lead the pure and morally correct lifestyles that have been set forth by Allah. The first of the five pillars is Belief and Witness. A follower of Allah must believe the word of Islam and must witness this word to others. By doing so the word of Allah is spread, thus promoting more followers to take part of his peaceful and pure journey on earth. The second pillar is Daily Prayers. Five times a day followers must perform rituals facing Mecca with water, sand or dirt. The daily prayers and everyone facing Mecca is believed to join all worshipers together as one family. While performing these rituals a worshiper must recite passages from the Qur’an. Prayer is also meant to purify the heart of evil, cleanse the soul and develop the mind and conscience. The third pillar, Zakat, means that all Muslims must donate at least two and a half percent of their accumulated wealth to needy Muslims. This pillar is designed to promote equality in wealth as well as reduce the chance of personal greed among Muslims. The literal meaning of Zakat means purity. In this sense the circulation of money and wealth is made pure by keeping it in healthy circulation. The fourth pillar is fasting. It is recommended that Muslims participate

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