The Five Pillars of Islam

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The Five Pillars of Islam The religion of Islam has been divided into a few different sects. Each has varying beliefs but all keep similar practices contained in each. These are called the Five Pillars of Islam. These practices are expected to be carried out by every Muslim as each are believed to come as a commandment from God. The First Pillar of Islam The first of the five pillars is called the Shahadah. This is defined as “The Islamic profession of faith, there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” (Shahadah, n.d.). This pillar defines that there is only one God and has sent Muhammad as his spokesperson. A Muslim must confess this in order to be part of the community. It must be recited daily (Religion Facts, 2005). The Second Pillar of Islam Pillar Two of Islam calls for prayer to be performed five times a day. This is called Salat which means ritual prayer (Salat, n.d.). These times are: at sunrise, midday, afternoon, sunset, and evening. Part of the ritual is to wash with water or sand and face to the direction of Mecca. The prayers consist with positions that start with the standing position, then bending over with hands on the knees, and finally ending up knelt with the forehead on the floor. Prayers are recited throughout this whole time (Religion Facts, 2006). The Third Pillar of Islam Zakat is the third Pillar of Islam. Zakot is a tax that Muslims give for relieving the poor (Zakot, n.d.). This is figured at two and a half percent of all income. This is given to Muslims in need. It is also designed to make wealth of individuals less different and eliminate greediness (Fisher, 2005). The Five Pillars of Islam The Fourth Pillar of Islam The fourth is fasting. Muslims are encouraged to fast often but it is required during Ramadan. Ramadan lasts for a period of a month. This requirement is fulfilled by not eating or drinking and no

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