Five Pillars Essay

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The Five Pillars of Islam HUM/130 May 6, 2011 Tanya Gardner The Five Pillars of Islam The Five Pillars of Islam make up the central beliefs of the Islamic faith. These pillars help to shape Muslim society. The Islam doctrine teaches that Muslims who live according to the Five Pillars of Islam, stay within the Islam faith, and sincerely repent of their sins, will make it to paradise or jannah (Slick, 1995-2010). The Islamic religion is monotheistic, so it is not surprising that the center of the Five Pillars of the Islamic faith is the total belief that there is only one God (Shahada). The four other pillars include, fasting (Saum), prayer (Salat), and pilgrimage (Hajj), alms-giving or charity (Zakat), Shahada is a declaration that is made by followers of the Islamic faith, which says, “there is no true God except Allah,” and also says that, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Christianity and other religions whose bible teaches that God is part of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); Islamic faith teaches that Allah is the one and only God. Muslims also firmly believe that Muhammad is Allah’s greatest prophet, and it is important that those who practice the Islamic acknowledge and recognize him as such. They also believe that Allah used Muhammad to convey the last and final revelation (Slick, 1995-2010). The second pillar, Salat (Prayer), is a prayer that consists of confessions of sins and concluding with purification of the soul. The Salat consists of five prayers perform five times throughout the day, from dawn to sundown. These prayers include the Maghrib, Fajr, Asr, Isha, and Dhuhr. The sunset-prayer is the Maghrib and the Isha is said after sunset (Slick, 1995-2010). Third pillar, Saum(fasting) is routinely done in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is the act of worshipping in which the followers seek Allah and deny their
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