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August 14, 2012 Olivia ACP English Many people reading My Five-Paragraph-Theme Theme by Ed White would probably agree with what he’s saying. I’m not one of them. Although he does stand strong on his opinion and he writes with a very persuasive voice it didn’t quite change my mind. First off, I completely disagree with how he approached his entire article. Secondly, his points don’t support what he’s saying at all. And thirdly, I believe that this format is a great teaching tool. He could have approached this article with the same opinion that he has now, but in a much better way. At points it is unclear to what he is getting at. He seems to veer off and talk about many things instead of just one. Maybe that was him trying to show the irony, but to me, it made me lose my interest. It was just hard to follow. Also, the points that he made didn’t really flow with what he was saying. It’s obvious that his main points had to do with the Five-Paragraph-Theme. But in the lines after, instead of following up on what he was saying, or even trying to prove them wrong, he would change the subject and just put in a run-on sentence or some other form of bad writing. To me, that made his approach look like it wasn’t thought out very well. My next complaint would have to be the points that he made. Even though this wasn’t his intent, they seemed to actually show the Five-Paragraph-Theme in a very positive light. Two of his examples were that it gives an organizational theme and it makes you focus on a single topic. That sounds to me like something positive. Which, is actually true, the only reason that you can’t see that in his essay is because he was intentionally trying to do the opposite. You can see that with his very dramatic style of un-organization and his different ideas flashing everywhere. But, here’s a challenge for you. Think about other papers written in

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