Five Guys Burgers and Fries Essay and How They Became Successful

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Five Guys Burger and Fries are a family owned business that was started by Jerry Murrell. He decided to open a restaurant by using the money saved for his sons to go to college. Jerry presented his sons with the notion of either going to college or opening a restaurant with him, so they decided to open the restaurant. Five Guys is a restaurant named for Jerry and his sons along with his wife Janie. Jerry wanted to be set apart from other restaurants so he concentrated on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction to both internal and external customer by using 80% lean meat always fresh and never frozen. They are not pre-cooked but made by order. They have 17 free toppings and fresh thick cut fries from Idaho potatoes that are fried in peanut oil only. They are success because they treat the customer right and when they leave there establishment they would spread the word of the good service and send other customers back. Five Guys don’t comparison shop to ensure the quality of their product is top notched, They have many of the same vendors they did back in 1986. They don’t plan to change there formula that have worked for more than decades, even if they could get the product cheaper. For example, the company seeks quality, albeit more expensive products, their bacon comes from Patrick Cudahy, a Wisconsin Smokehouse that smokes with natural apple wood chips. Five Guys restaurant layout is a simple red and white checkered decorations a single counter for purchasing and picking up food and a few tables and chairs. The kitchens are open and bags of potatoes are stacked in customer spaces dating back to when lack of storage required it. The first Five Guys was in Arlington Westmont shopping center. Buns were baked in the same center by Brenner’s Bakery. This location closed in favor of another opening in Alexandria and five more followed. The startup

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