Five Factor Model

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Abstract: One of the most important goals of personality psychology is the establishment of a model that can describe a person's personality and disorders that are associated with personality. Not only is the model suppose to be able to describe the human personality but it is suppose to help gain better insight and understanding of personality. Over time many models have come about from different Pscycholigst and have even maintained there validity through time. Of course like most theorys and models some are more accepted in psycholgy circes than others. The five-factor model of personality is one of the more prominent models that is accepted. This theory incorporates five different traits describing personality. The five-factor theory is among the newest models that has been developed for the description of personality. Robert McCrae and Paul Costa are the two leading psychologist to have brought the five factor model into exsistance. However, their fellow psychologist, Eysenck, Allport, Oddbert, and Cattell had a hand in helping bring about one of the more prominent models. The Five Factor Theory Model Personality and Factor Analysis Since the beginning of civilisation people have been trying to figure out a precise defination of personality. According the the dictionary personality means, The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. According to Atkinson it means "the distinctive and charactersitc pattersn of thought, emotion, and hehavior that define and indivudal's personal style and influence his or her interactions with the envireonment" (atkinson, atkinson, Smith & Bem, 1993: 525) Pscyologist studiying personality have two different areas to work within. The first finding traits that are different in their subjects, the second involves "synthesising the psychological process of human
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