Five Faces Of Oppression Of Racism

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According to the article "Can we talk" by Beverly Daniel Tatum, "The impact of racism begins early, even in our preschool years, we are exposed to misinformation about people different than ourselves." That most of the information that we receive at that young age, does not come from first hand experience. That we believe whoever told us what was going on because we were young and impressionable. With those "truths" that we get told about others are shaped by cultural stereotypes, and assumptions. As we mature those little things become what we believe, and become a preconceived judgment that limits us in our everyday lives. Tatum goes on to say that if we don't reeducate ourselves, we can easily repeat the process with our own posterity. The definition of racism said by David…show more content…
It is then when we have to decide whether the group is being oppressed or if they only identify as one part of the five faces of oppression. Exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. Any of the five can hold validity when it comes to discrimination. Young says that "Nearly all, if not all, groups said to be oppressed suffer from cultural imperialism. The areas of discrimination vary by situation. For example, someone in a workplace can be powerless, and a person in a social setting can feel powerless. The forms of oppression also vary by different social groups. Sadly, there are no set of rules or criteria that confirm a groups oppression and

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