Five Ethical Decisions

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Five ethical decisions: what would you do? How would you respond to each of the following situations? 1- You’re a middle manager in a company with about a thousand employees. You are negotiating a contract with a very large potential customer whose representative has hinted you could almost certainly be assured of getting his business if you gave him and his wife an all expenses cruise to the Caribbean. You know the representative’s employer wouldn’t approve of such a “payoff,” but you have the discretion to authorize it. What would you do? I would not authorize this trip. Even if it is up to my discretion, it would be unethical and reflect badly on my company. That representative is acting in a manner that is generally not accepted. 2- You have an autographed CD by Sean Combs (signed puffD) and put it up for sale on eBay. So far, the highest bid is $74.50. A friend has offered you $100 for the CD, commenting that he could get $150 for it on eBay in a year. You know this is highly unlikely. Should you sell your friend the CD for what he offered ($100)? Do you have an obligation to tell your friend you have listed your CD on eBay? It would be unethical and I think against eBay’ policy, to sell something that is already in an active auction, or sale process. And I think I should tell the friend that it is listed. He could bid on it if he wanted to. 3- Your company’s policy on reimbursement for meals while traveling on business is that you will be repaid for out-of-pocket cost, not to exceed $80 per day. You don’t need receipt for these expenses the company will take your word. When traveling, you tend to eat at fast-food places and rarely spend in excess of $20 a day. Most of your colleagues put in reimbursement requests in the range of $55 to $60 per day, regardless of what their actual expenses are. How much would you request for your meal

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