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Annotated Bibliography Propel Fitness Water. Advertising Blog, 2007. Web. 11 March 2009. The first paragraph starts out by giving a description of the commercial. The commercial begins with a man running through town. He is losing parts that are stuck on his body that seems to portray unhappy things in his life. The end words say “Fit has a feeling and a water”. This ad does not apply to young athletes like Gatorade does but more on working class men and women. “The metaphor for this spot (having all of these external concerns weighing on you when you’re just trying to work out and get away from them) is also a little strained” This article will help me evaluate what other classes sports drinks can obtain through branding. Ulrich, Nate.…show more content…
Gatorade Ready to Pump Up Marketing Efforts. USA Today, 2007. Web. 11March 2009. The strategies for the 2008 Gatorade campaigning lead off with the new G2 Gatorade. The new Gatorade is lighter and half the amount of calories than the regular one. The G2 Gatorade is endorsed by Tiger Woods on a five-year endorsement contract. The new Gatorade can be placed near propel and other small calorie drinks. The product is showing age from where it first came from the University of Florida coach in 1965. This article brings a different side of Gatorade in which it may be better for the average person than the original. The new age of sports drinks are becoming healthier and targeting a wider audience. Gatorade History. Web. 11 March 2009. The history of Gatorade begins in the early summer of 1964 at the University of Florida. The assistant coach was wondering why his players were suffering from so many heat related illness. The fluids and electrolytes in the players were not being replaced after intense sweating. Gatorade after that point was proven on the field as perfectly balance carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage. This will help my essay with the origins of the Gatorade Company from a small group of researchers to the leading global sports drink…show more content…
Effectiveness of Sports Drinks: Which Drink is Better? Web. 11 March 2009. Water is the natural choice for any athlete because it is less expensive and more available than any other drink. The key to drinking water is that an athlete must hydrate himself every 15 to 20 min. Sports drinks are more likely to hydrate more because athletes will drink larger volumes of it because of its sweet taste and that is how these drinks are so widely sold. The connection between water and sports drinks is shown in this article. It gives support of the benefits and non-benefits of each. Tucker, Ross. Sports Science as a Marketing Tool: Gatorade Vs. Enlyten. The Science of Sport, 2007. Web. 11 March 2009 The court battle between Gatorade and Enlyten, a company that produces strips of electrolytes that are put under the tongue for faster electrolyte distribution. Gatorade did not like the idea of Enlyten and took the company to court. I can use the information from this article to explain that even a company such as Enlyten, which is not even a sports drink distributor cannot compete with

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