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1.04 Fitness Activity Record Sheet Complete the chart as directed. Complete the five components of the fitness test by following the directions found through the five links on the 1.04 Work Out page. If you have any questions about these directions, please contact your instructor. As you complete each activity, please record, in the first three columns of the chart below, the date you did it, your score, and your goal for the next time you do this activity in lesson 3.05. You will not be submitting this chart to your instructor. Please use the data to answer the first five questions on the exam found by clicking on 1.04 in the Assessments list. Please save this chart as you will need this data to complete the 3.05 and 8.01A assessments later on. |1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9| |Module 1.04|Module 1.04|Module 1.04|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 3.05|Module 8.01|Module 8.01| Name of Fitness Test|Date of Fitness Test1.04|1.04 Fitness scores|Goals for 3.05|Date of Fitness Test3.05|3.05Fitnessscores|Goalsfor8.01|Standard for your age|Date of Final Test8.01|Scores for Final Test| Mile Run/Walk|2/27|10:37|9|3/18|9:29|8|10:30||| Curl-ups|2/28|40|60|3/19|52|60|28||| Pull upsorPush ups| 2/28|6/8|15|3/19|10/13|15/20|1/7||| Sit-and-Reach| 2/28|21|25|3/19|23|27|25||| Calculated Body Mass Index (BMI)|

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