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PREPARATION AND TRAINING SCHEDULES FOR YOUR N CAREER IN THE ROYAL NAVY V LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS ROYAL NAVY FITNESS PROGRAMME Now that you are considering a career in the Royal Navy, you should be aware of the Fitness Standards expected for the Pre-Joining Fitness Test and during the first weeks of training. This booklet describes the best way for you to get fit and prepare for the next steps towards your career. 1 ROYAL NAVY FITNESS PROGRAMME 2 SUBHEAD INTRODUCTION This Royal Navy Fitness Programme has been designed for all potential and future members of the Royal Navy, with the intention of: within a fighting force and the reasons why the Royal Navy place such emphasis on physical conditioning. prepare for and maintain the fitness standards required for the Royal Navy. It is essential that once you have attained the necessary levels of physical and medical fitness, you make every effort to maintain them. You will be required to always be fit for the duties expected of you during your Service Career. Having passed your pre-entry fitness tests, if you should let your standard slip before joining your New Entry training establishment, you may be removed from training, so it is important to maintain your fitness levels. 3 ROYAL NAVY FITNESS PROGRAMME Carrying excess weight is not healthy and prevents you from performing to the best of your physical ability. ‘You are what you eat’, so the following basic dietary advice is recommended, not only in preparation for joining the RN but for life in general. Minimise consumption of fatty and fried foods, such as chips and crisps. Eat five portions of fruit or vegetables daily rather than a chocolate bar. Consider a piece of fruit for a far healthier immediate, energy source. Cut down on fizzy, sugary drinks and consider tap water or a sports drink. Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Choose

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