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Loni Babcock FIT Essay Getting into college is a goal that most of today’s youth strive to reach. College is a brand new experience and place for all the high school graduates can’t wait to endure. But with so many candidates for colleges to choose from, how do they choose who is just right for them? F.I.T is a school that I myself have always dreamed of going to. Fashion has been my forte since I was a young girl. When I think fashion, the first place I think of is New York City. I believe that I would make a perfect candidate for F.I.T because I strive for excellence, I have strong leadership qualities, and I work very hard to attain all of my goals; I stop at nothing. I strive for excellence in all aspects of my life not just school; school however though is my top priority. Today, you cannot get a well paying job without at least an Associates degree. Well, an associate’s degree just won’t cut it for me; I want something better, I would love to achieve a Bachelors degree of Fashion Merchandising from F.I.T. My work ethic and independence has been outstanding since I was in elementary school. When I was younger and first started getting homework and assignments from teachers, my mom would never have to check my agenda and tell me to do something. Everything I have accomplished, I’ve done mostly on my own with some help from my parents. My strong independence and drive to start my degree in Fashion Merchandising shined through my junior year of high school when I decided that I’d graduate in January of 2013; only halfway through my senior year. My strong leadership qualities often show when put into group situations. I usually tend to take over, that’s always been my first instinct because I’m a perfectionist. My group project grades have always been high and I’ve never been late handing one in. I have also shown strong leadership in the workplace. I work

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